Friday, July 12, 2013

Why I Write These Posts

This morning I was explaining to my son the reasons behind writing these posts. It's really for me. When I teach a lesson, or build a web page, and I forgot how to do something I turn to my blog.

Updating the WordPress Footer
I was unhappy with the way the PNG image of Saint Michael lined up on the page. This is the before picture:

I did not like how the top of the large Saint Michael was uneven next to the words School News. I knew why it happened. In Gimp, the words were in the center of a 194x44 pixel transparent rectangle. I needed to drag the words so that they touched the first pixel horizontally and vertically in the transparent box.

I took the time to make the adjustment and re-saved the Gimp file as a .PNG image. I couldn't remember where I needed to add the image. My first instinct was to go to Theme Options - Footer options. There was no place for an image; although I found out where the Copyright words for Avada are located.

My next instinct was the Widgets. I was correct. I uploaded the new image file and was slightly surprised that it did not overwrite the original.

I went to Media - Library and clicked on the new image. The information window on the right side of the screen contained the Permalink URL.

The new file had a 1 appended to the file name. My footer HTML read:

I added the number 1 to the file name.

I clicked the Save button, refreshed the website, and had the look I was hoping for. Everything is neat and tiny and I can refer back here if I ever need to fix the footer again.

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