Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Network's Face

I'm putting the final touches on the course I will be teaching February 4-6, 2007. I am still in the final stages of determining the layout of the course. I'm checking links that I created over the last six months or so and adding information.

As I work, I see what a human face all of this digital information has. I was sorting through my links and trying to get a mix of grade levels. I will see teachers who are potentially from K-12. As I looked at the links, I was thinking about the faces (from Twitter and other venues) and realizing that you're all becoming so real to me. I know so much about what Lisa and Christine from my neighboring Long Island have been attempting with their class. As I thought about it I realized that they would have some great elementary links (for special needs students as well). Then I was thinking about Darren and his high school math classes. He probably has useful links for the high school set. I worked a bit with Mr. Mayo's English class just south of us in Maryland. He surely has some worthwhile links in the middle school range.

Next I went on to look at what type of wikis I'm linking to. I thought I would add Damian's British Romanticism wiki. It has some great content. He also received some great feedback on it. Of course, Vicki's Flat Classroom wiki has all kinds of content as a showcase wiki. My students are working on a Classroombraids wiki organized by Sharon. Maria also offered a great collaboration for Kindergarten students in the 100th Day Project. She also got me out of Wikispaces for a change and into WetPaint.

Again, my Twitter conversations run through my head as I think of where I first heard of these projects and these fine teachers. If you're looking for some example links, feel free to take a look at my wiki. It's my first attempt at public speaking, so be kind. I can't wait to present and get some great new teachers involved in the possibilities.

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