Friday, March 28, 2008

Analyzing Podcasts

My eighth graders created podcasts on Plagiarism back in November. I set up a section of my wiki to give people access to the podcasts, collect a little data in a ClustrMap, and there is also a link to a SurveyMonkey form.

My seventh grade is now in the process of creating podcasts on Website Evaluation. I want them to analyze their efforts before they consider the project complete. To this end, I went a bit bleary-eyed gathering the data.

Overall, the quality of the information was found to be:

Excellent: 48%
Good: 35%
Fair: 15%
Poor: 2%

The ability to understand what the students were saying was found to be:

Excellent: 49%
Good: 36%
Fair: 12%
Poor: 3%

Not bad for a class on their first attempt. I'd like the seventh grade to raise that bar. They have already listened to the podcasts back in December. I've been working on a plan to introduce the analysis to the seventh grade next week.

I want them to compare the following two charts and listen to the "most excellent" and "most poorly" rated podcasts and try to determine what caused the podcasts to get those ratings. These ratings were only those generated by "strangers". I did not include the results of the surveys entered by our student body.

Hopefully they will realize that while it's fun to use sound effects on the voice, it does not get your message across. I am also going to show them comments from the people who filled out the surveys. There were actually some teachers who were asked to listen to the podcasts for a class (as a teacher). There were also teachers who said they would like to have their students listen to the podcasts. That may open their minds to the impact their podcasts could have on others. I am still having a problem explaining that their work is public. This might show them the truth of their budding global voice.

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