Monday, August 25, 2008

A Gathering Place for Elementary Technology Teachers

I would have given anything to find a web site like this when I was searching the Internet back in the spring of 2000. I found many resources, but they were scattered all over the web. This past summer, I found the Elementary Tech Teachers Ning. It is a social network aimed at being a "place for elementary tech teachers to share".

It was started by Nedra in April of 2008. She shares here how she came to start this social networking site and what she envisioned it containing.

What a Success!
There are already over 100 educators who have joined the site. As with any other social network, I have seen some familiar faces and many new ones.

There is a healthy, growing forum with topics like: Computer Lab Rules and Procedures, Computer Lab Themes, Keyboarding, Open Source Software, Kindergarten, and Lesson Plans for Computer Lab. This is just a sample of some heavily visited topics. There are many, many more. If what you see doesn't fit your needs, you are welcome to start any topic of your choice.

There is a fantastic photo gallery. I struggle with room decorations. I have done well over the years, but searching online for bulletin board ideas does not usually lead me to ideas for a computer lab. As of this morning, there are 135 images from computer labs around the United States - perhaps the world. I plan on using a few of these ideas in my lab this year.

Just For Tech Teachers?
It is a gathering place for all. If you are a classroom teacher, library/ media specialist, preschool, or high school teacher, I would still encourage you to stop by and take a look. There are ideas for everyone.

Thanks, Nedra!

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  1. I fall into the category of being a classroom rather than lab teacher, and I too am tremendously grateful for the ETT Ning. Imagine, she started with three people in the loop--and it has grown by leaps and bounds. I love how she welcomes each teacher who joins personally.
    We all have something to share--the Ning is the vehicle that makes it possible.

  2. Thank you so much for directing me to this Ning. It is wonderful!

  3. Jan: I'm glad you have found it a great place as a classroom teacher. I felt sure that is was helpful to any one interested in the theme of elementary technology.

    Michelle: It is a very welcoming place, in part because of the time Nedra puts in to leave a comment for the new members.

  4. Ann, thank you so much for the kind words and the plug for the Ning. It's great that there is such a wonderful group of dedicated teachers, like yourself, Jan and Michelle, to make the Ning successful. Many teachers work with both elementary and middle school teachers so it is definitely a place for middle school teachers to check out as well.
    When I joined Classroom 2.0 and introduced myself Steve Hargadon responded. When I posted there about the ETT Ning he responded again and shared some other resources. I was impressed that he did that with a Ning with over 10,000 members! So, he is my model for making sure that people feel welcomed to the Ning.