Saturday, October 25, 2008

Test Post

I'm having trouble getting Technorati to update my profile via my ping. I thought maybe posting a new post might help trigger Technorati to update for me.


  1. Just put my relocated blog on Technorati. Gone from a former high of 78 to a lowly 15. Sigh. Tecnorati-Smechnorati. My feeds in ITunes seem to be misbehaving too.

  2. See...this is what kills getting less "tech savvy" people on board. It's what I meant by my comments to you on Twitter. I'll sit and play with this until I figure out why it's not working. Many other people will just throw up their hands and give up. Very cool that you even made it up to 78. I've hovered around 20ish for months. Still I have no complaints. I've only been at this blogging business since last August.

    Glad you stopped by!

  3. I hope to demonstrate in my 3 hour session collaborative play to figure tools out. I had my list--just wanted to see what others think---AND to show my group the power of asking people you have cultivated a virtual relationship with.

    As far as how to move up in Technorati--that happens when others link to your blog or link to posts--meaning they are reacting in a more public way than just commenting by actually posting about something you said or did. Getting on folks' blogrolls boosts technorati a little too.Its an algorithm that doesnt make much sense to me, but it factors in datedenss of links and the kinds of links back to your blog. This explains why Will Richardson's Technorati authority is 625. He has a lot of people link to his posts, and a lot of those people are high in the technorati ranks too, and so on. We have to work harder than the Will's of the blogging world to move our rank up. Sigh. I'm just as guilty too. I have linked to his posts before. But of course Technorati gives a false sense of your blog importance (or lack there of). It's more about the actual conversations.

    I don't slight Will Richardson for having such a high Technorati score, b/c many times I use his Weblogged blog to show what I mean when I say it is about the conversations. I will show his blog and then got to his technorati profile to show how many people have reacted to him on their own blog. He is the ultimate, perfect example imho. Oh, he's actually human and really nice in person too.