Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seven Things Meme

Here comes one of those holiday posts. Currently going around the educational blog circles is a meme called "Seven Things". I was tagged by Cathy Nelson, Lisa Parisi, Patti Harju, and Marie at The Learning Curve blog. In the spirit of vacation, I'm going to share seven things I wouldn't normally blog about.

1. I like to sing at home. My family has been treated to whatever is on my mind - forever. If we're going to a show it could be tunes from the show. When they were babies it was endless nursery songs or old-fashioned tunes like "A You're Adorable".

2. I like to make up my own songs, too. They are mostly just silly rhymes. A favor
ite this week is for my dog. It starts: Shadow the dog from outer space. Shadow he has a furry face. You don't need me to go on any further - it's just self entertainment. My youngest son and I can go on for quite a while in this vein. We sort of feed off each other.

3. I am the family finance queen. My annual budget is waiting on the computer to my right - this is more fun.

4. I like to cross stitch, but I haven't done in it years. My husband used to tease me about several half finished projects. One of the older women in church heard the teasing one day and told him it's called "pick-up work". I guess some day I'll pick it up and finish it

5. I love taking driving vacations. We've driven from NJ south to Charleston, South Carolina. On another trip, we've driven west through Pennsylvania and over to the National Air Force Museum in Ohio. When my first was about ten months old we drove northeast through Connecticut into Massachusetts. Two years ago, we drove northwest to Niagara Falls and then west to Vermont and New Hampshire. We usually take two full weeks for each trip.

6. I really enjoy trips to Disney World. Every time we go, I tell my family, "Ok - that's
it - I'm done with Disney", but then a couple of years pass and I'm ready to go again. There is no place on Earth that I can pack my bags and leave my worries behind. We've gone for as few as four days and as long as ten. My current favorite ride there is Toy Story Mania. We just found the Whispering Canyon Café. It has taken over Ohana's as our favorite restaurant there. We've stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort (which I really didn't like), Port Orleans French Quarter (which was great), and Pop Century (which is really the best for us - we don't mind the room size because we're never in the room - it's a great value for us).

7. I finally got my ten-speed bicycle out of the garage after about fifteen long years. It's an old Zebra Kenko model that is not manufactured any more. The family had two or three short runs. On our first long run, the bicycle chain broke and I had to walk it back a good few miles. I'm planning on getting a new chain in the spring.

Ok - that's it for now.

I never know who to tag and this one is really going around full steam. I'm looking forward to reading other missives.

Michelle Russell
Vicky Sedgwick
Nedra Isenberg
Christy Tvarok Green
Dianne Krause
Jan Smith
Melanie Holtsman

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  1. Love the thoughts on Disney. I haven't been back since I was 8. I was so disappointed when i found out all that was in the castle was a gift shop. But now that my own children are of the Disney age i think it might be time to take them.

  2. My boy's ages were the deciding factor in our first trip several years ago. Did you hear the castle now has a suite? They randomly choose guests to spend a night there.

    We usually combine our trip down with visits to relatives in the Miami area. If you're going to Disney and staying on their property, take the "Magical Express". You leave your bags at your home airport with special stickers. When you arrive in Orlando, you find the magical express bus. They get your bags, you check in, and a while later your bags are in your room. No stress for parents.

  3. Thanks for tagging me. I just posted my Meme.

  4. Hi Anne,
    I'm working on my post now. I live two hours north of Disney, so enjoy going there also! Try Saratoga Springs resort if you can, beautiful! If you ever get a chance to go to a special event like the Very Merry Christmas party - do it!

  5. I'll have to look into the Saratoga Springs resort. The Very Merry Christmas party sounds like a lot of fun. We've never been to Florida around Christmas time. It just seems easier to arrange two weeks off in the summer.

    I'm looking forward to reading your list.

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sense of adventure! Unfortunately for my family, driving is not one of my pleasures, more of a chore, so trips are to get from A to B. he Disney trips sound amazing ...