Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting ideas together

In addition to school in September, I'll be talking to teachers. I'm putting together about three hours of material about Integrating Technology. I attended the same talk last year and came away disappointed. I wanted to learn something new and didn't. I want to make sure the teachers have the ability to get what I didn't. To this end, I know I want to show a few videos that I found on TeacherTube. I want to have them respond in a wiki. I want to have them do a Jigsaw activity of viewing other teacher's blogs.

I had the class in February and have learned so much on my own since then...much of it since summer vacation started. The idea of the Google Reader,, and RSS feeds are all new since February. I've used wikis in the class this year and want to start incorporating blogs.

One of the issues that I had last year was what to do with videos that the middle school kids produced. They were very happy with them, but I didn't want to post them without explicit parent approval. I have to work on this aspect in August so that I am ready. I'm absolutely in love with the Paperworks videos that I saw this morning. This could be an interesting direction for next year. This past year in computer class, the eighth grade made infomercials on Internet topics from using Photobucket, to Internet video games, to MySpace and Internet safetly. They have very little direction from me and they were not bad at all. They have since graduated, but I'll hang on to the videos.

Now that I know about TeacherTube and with a plan in place to get parental permission, I should have a set of infomercials to make public.

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