Monday, August 6, 2007

The Four Week Dash

I just got back from two weeks of travel up to Niagara Falls, over to Vermont and New Hampshire, then down through Massachusetts, Connecticut, and finally back to New Jersey. I met some incredible people at various museums and historic landmarks. Several outstanding tours include the Seward House in Auburn, New York where we learned that there was more to William Seward than memorizing Seward's Folly. Our tour guide was a gentleman who started as a gardener at the house 30 years ago. He showed us a man who was at the right hand of Abraham Lincoln. In the Fort Klock Homestead in St. Johnsville, New York we learned about a fortified house that was restored by a group of musket-loving gentlemen from a Klock decedent. We had a thrilling trip on the Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire. We loved both sides of Niagara Falls, but really treasured the Cave of the Winds tour on the American side as we felt the power of the falls in our face from the Bridal Veil falls.

I brought along my iPod and had a chance to listen to some of the Women of the Web podcasts as I was settling down for the night. It is a great source for gathering my thoughts on the coming school year. As I was thinking about the coming year, I decided it was time to change my personal school web page to a wiki. There are a number of reasons: it takes less steps to log on and make changes, I have tremendous troubles with editing with Verizon's online on my iBook and iMacs, and somehow my Verizon account got all fouled up with its count of how much space I am really using so I have to be careful of how I FTP files so that their computer "thinks" I have enough space.

I was going to redo the files using NVU and then FTP them, but that would have taken a lot of time. So, yesterday I bit the bullet and opened two windows, one for the wiki and one for the original web page. I created it at 8:30 in the morning and finished by 3:30 with a breakfast and lunch break. So it was, maybe, five hours of work. I doubt that I would have finished that quick creating static web pages.

Sometime this week, I'm going to do the same for my math web pages.

Now begins the four week dash to solidify my direction for K-8 computers. This begins my sixth year. After the change from OS 9 to OS X in the lab, this year should be so much easier. I like to take time to review what I did last year and determine what I'd like to add this year. It's nice to have this blog to keep a record of work for the future.

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