Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Minor World Travels

Just a little frivolous start of vacation post. I followed a link from Lucy Gray to this map generation program online. I've not been too far in life: Saint Lucia (honeymoon), Montreal (high school), Niagara Canada (last summer on vacation), and Ireland (3 years ago for a family reunion). That trip was the best! I got to visit my grandparent's farm on the Ring of Kerry in a small town - Caherciveen. I met first cousins, aunts, uncles for the first time.

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I do far more traveling in the United States. But after generating the map, I realize how much there is still to see. Although we're going to Florida this summer, I'm looking forward to scheduling a vacation trip out to Montana in the next year or so (more cousins and a beautiful part of the country from what I understand).

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  1. I really hate Memes, but got tagged, so I'm tagging you. It's a meme for seven random facts about you. Get busy!

  2. yeah Europe is nice, I have been everywhere in Europe, yet I keep ending back in the US too. US is just too big right?