Monday, June 30, 2008

NECC Remote

The NECC conversations are going on in San Antonio, Texas this week. I was unable to make the trip, but through the magic of the Internet I've been able to attend in a virtual sense.

How Do I Find Out What's Going On?
There are a number of different websites online that were set up in advance to help both those people on-site and those online to keep up with the information flow. The first site that has helped me is the NECClive wiki's Live Information page. There are a number of people who are using Ustream to show video streams of presentation that they are attending. They must have permission in advance.

The Full Sessions I've Attended
I have been able to listen in on and chat at Konrad Glogowski's session on Blogging. He spoke very clearly on the lessons he has learned in blogging with his students. I stumbled upon Derrall Garrison streaming a speed demo this afternoon. I was at the entire session at EduBloggerCon held by several folks called the Web 2.0 Smackdown. If you follow the link you can view the pre-recorded Ustream.

The Ustream Collection
I now have several Ustreams that I can wander through to see if anything is streaming. They include:
Will Richardson's
Derrall Garrison's
Jeff Utecht's

There are now several more listed on the NECClive wiki. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention EdStreamTV. This is where I initially found some video from EduBloggerCon.

The Live Blogs
I had the opportunity to live blog when I attended the conference in Princeton a while back. This past weekend, I spent some time with Alice Barr's Live Blog at the Web 2.0 Smackdown. Today I read Kristen Hokanson's Live Blog after the fact from a presentation she attended given by David Jakes and Dean Shareski about making PowerPoint more visual with students. It was titled The Power of PowerPoint. Her writing was a quick read with many useful tips.

The NECC Ning, Chatterous, Mogulus
I have not gone to the Ning, too much, but it is out there with photos, forums, and a whole lot more. There was a humongous chat going on in a Chatterous room Saturday courtesy of Bud the Teacher. He was also streaming at That's been pretty quiet today, too.

Do I Feel Like I'm Participating
I do. At both the Web 2.0 Smackdown and the speed demo, I was tagging the sites being described in delicious. If you'd like to see all the sites from the Smackdown - go to I only stumbled upon the speed demo, but for those links, go to

Do I Feel Like I'm Missing Out
Nothing will replace the camaraderie of meeting people in person, but I'm not missing out. I've spent a lot of time with my two sons playing Life and Monopoly. I've had a nice walk with my husband. I've taken care of some clean-up in my classroom. I'm enjoying the summer pace of life. Next year, NECC is in Washington, DC. I'll be there and I'm looking forward to it! So for now whether I Twitter, Plurk, use Ustream, Chatterous, or Mogolus I'm participating and enjoying the conference in my own way. This post is a useful way to keep track of all that I've found so far.

Glogowski, Konrad. "the teachandlearn retreat is ready for NECC!" teachandlearn's photostream. 23 June 2008. 30 June 2008.


  1. Ann, thanks for this terrific roundup of NECC activities. For those of us offsite, heck out-of-the-country, this really helps to orientate. Read your post of Plurk, where I am havin lots of fun!

    Thanks again

  2. Thanks, Ann, for an organized and comprehensive look at how those of us who aren't there in person can still remain engaged in the learning going on at NECC! I've even bookmarked your post so that I can refer back to your list of links during the week again and again.

  3. Frank:
    It amazes me to get a glimpse of what is going on from afar. Someday I have to hear the story of how you became connected to your learning network. I enjoy learning with you.

    I love reading a blog that points me back to resources and tells how they were used. I think I tend to blog in that manner. I'm so happy to have met you this week via the Internet.


  4. check out summize too
    and search for NECC I am learning all kinds of things by watching this as well!
    I have been posting all of my live blogs with #NECC so it shows up even for folks that aren't following me to participate

  5. Kristen:
    I haven't used Summize with NECC yet. I'll do that tonight. I left you a message over on your blog, I really learned from your live blogging of the session I mentioned.

    It's fun to see you in passing on Ustream. Enjoy the learning and thanks for taking the time with the live blogging.