Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Evidence of Learning

I am thinking about how you could show evidence of "21st Century Skills" in a classroom. I am interested in trying to break ideas of implementing these kinds of skills in a menu of basic (or easy), intermediate, and advanced ways to try this it in a classroom where more lecture was used.

I've put together a Google Doc and it is open to editing to anyone who has the link. I am asking that you sign in to Google so the edits are not anonymous. 

The red subtitles are a general breakdown of strands to focus on.

I'm looking for a little crowd sourcing here.

Additionally, if you have already invented the wheel please comment here and share a link to what you have done or found.

Thanks in advance!

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by FredMikeRudy


  1. This grid is wonderful! Not sure what I can add but I will check it out later and see.

  2. Kevin thanks for taking a look. The more eyes, the better.

  3. I added a couple thoughts based on some creativity skills (fluency, flexibility, elaboration), but I am not certain I put them in the right red headings. Great start with what you have so far! More on the creativity skills I was trying to incorporate here:

  4. Thanks for adding your two cents. I took a look at your Prezi. I wish I could have heard the talk that went with it. I think I need to take a good look at Teachers First, too.