Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Starting a New Personal Project

I've decided it was time to earn my Master's degree. It is an idea I've had on the back burner of my mind for two years now. I started researching a local university and shared my thoughts with my principal. Here I am a week later filling out paper work, getting transcripts, inoculations, and studying.

Why Write Here?
My husband suggested it might be interesting to blog about the experience, but asked how I would be able to keep up. I felt it would be easy enough to share right here. My blogs tag line is My Trip Through Education With Technology. It really fits. I'm going to tag these posts with MACSL for Masters Catholic School Leadership

Technology as a Grad Student
So far, I've been assigned readings and focus questions on Parish School: American Catholic Education From Colonial Times to the Present. It's been an interesting book. I have about 40 pages to go. As a graduate of the Catholic K-8 system and now a teacher, the book has given me a new perspective on the idea of the parish school. I've found it thought provoking to learn that a century ago there were discussions about modernizing teaching methods in public and private education. An example I recall is the idea that teachers should let students lead themselves through learning rather than simply use rote memorization. Another example was that students could learn as much from working with each other as they could from a teachers lecture. Radical or sounds familiar?

As I've been working, I've opened a Word document and typed in the focus questions. As I read, I enter my responses into the document.

I've found Quizlet to be useful too. There are a set of 20 key people and ideas for the mid-term. Again, as I read and come to the terms I've been logging the key ideas into a deck of electronic index cards.

All these assignments are in advance of the first class. I'm not sure how the mid-term will be framed in a one week class, but it will help me study and be prepared for the first week of August.

I'll be bringing my laptop to class. I look forward to seeing the use of technology in education from my new side of the classroom.

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  1. Good luck on your journey to your Masters!

  2. Thanks Vicky. I've been thinking about it for several years. It was time to stop thinking, start doing, and before I know it - I'll be finished!