Monday, October 29, 2007

Many Random Thoughts

What a day! I am having some flaky problems with my email and the web pages stored at the network service provider. As the day went on, I found out that the school is getting email ids for everyone (read new consultant). Hmmm.

Then I was having a crazy idea that maybe the teachers don't use technology in their classes because the computers are older in the classrooms than in the lab and there is not enough of me to go around. I have two free periods Monday, one on Tuesday through Thursday and none on Friday. I thought, why have a computer lab? Why not just integrate the lab equipment throughout the building and have me co-teach throughout the week? Then again, listening to Flat Agents of Change on my iPod other people have teachers whose computers don't work because they are unplugged.

I spoke about this with a good friend at lunch (my former sixth grade teacher, current son's fifth grade teacher, and colleague in the school). She is does take the kids down to the computer lab to complete projects while I'm teaching math and has several tasks she sets up for the kids at the three computers in the classroom.

Her take is that it's really the best as it is and perhaps I could insist on teachers coming up with projects related to their curriculum to be accomplished during computer class. I guess I'll just keep going along as I have been. It is amazing to see the difference between October 2002 and October 2007 projects. I can only imagine where I can be with the students in another couple of years. The Mac truly makes it easy.

Well, this was my break from looking at math papers. Time to finish my work and go listen to the end of Cellphones as Classroom Learning tools and Flat Agents of Change.

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