Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Spreading the New Tools Around

It's been an exhausting day. I had one class of seventh graders add to the copyright wiki today. They're getting the hang of editing. We worked on the idea of using the tabs in Firefox. We used to use Safari. The next class, they will work on plagiarism, fair use, and uploading the avatars.

Two sixth grade classes made their first comment on the rules for blogging on my page. They also wrote their first article on how they've used the tools I have available for math class. They did the actual blog work in computer class with me, though. I teach K-8 computers and two sections of sixth grade math. Almost everyone wrote that they thought Classblogmeister was easy to use, but I spent two 42-minute periods in a row jogging around the room getting everyone settled. One student took his password home and blogged from home and added a picture.

It's coming along. All I know for sure is that I must get the fifth graders blogging by the end of the school year so that when I get them in sixth grade math, they'll already know how to use the tool.

Thrown into the mix was also the completion of a Kid Pix project in grade two and Kindergarten.

I had the opportunity to share Letterpop with a teacher. She wants her students to write a newsletter when they complete their daily work. I'm hopeful it will do the job she wants. I've seen some people write about being happy with this free online tool to create newsletters.

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