Sunday, October 7, 2007


I'm so old as far as using computers go. I'm so new as far as web 2.0 tools go though. I ran into Wikispaces last winter and used it tentatively around March 2007. I go to Women of the Web 2.0 podcast tapings/ chats when it fits into my schedule with my boys homework, etc. on Tuesday nights.

I keep hearing how people are keeping up with so much via Twitter. So I started sorting through people I "know" through their blogs and various podcasts I've picked up and enjoyed. I must admit it feels a bit strange to just click on a person and start following them, but everyone says "just do it", so that's what I'm doing.

If I've started following you in Twitter, it's because I'm so impressed with what I see you write, or hear you contribute. I know that my interaction with you all is changing and improving both my K-8 computer classes and math classes.

I'm planning on teaching a group of about 300 new teachers about integrating technology into their classroom around early February. I hope that with all your help, I'll be giving them so much more than I got out of the same session last year.

Since I teach in a private school, I really wasn't required to get my state certification. I wanted to be prepared for anything I want to do in NJ so I completed the state certification last year. I was very complimented when the head of the program asked me to come on board and present this year.

So, I'm getting on board with Twitter. Thank you for helping me even if you don't know who I am!

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