Monday, August 20, 2007

Expanding Student's Search Excellence

A podcast caught my attention this week. Teachers Teaching Teachers have a series going on about public search databases. It's something that I have to work up a lesson plan for this year. We talk about different search engines, the library, and being critical of information in web sites.

I sort of knew that there were public databases. I had even been to my local library's web site, but never took the time to click the link for our state's free(!) databases.

The really cool thing going on at Teachers Teaching Teachers is that they are creating a Google Notebook of state database. They are asking whoever wants to participate to locate and use their state database and compare it to what they find elsewhere on the Internet.

This is yet another great opportunity for me to expand my student's horizons this year.

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“Public Library Entrance.” Yuan2003's Photostream. 15 Aug 2007. 20 Aug 2007.

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