Friday, August 10, 2007

Videos For School

This morning when I was going through things I have in Google Reader, I came across a link to a Google Video. I have had students talk in class about how Google keeps information about everyone in a file. This video can explain it all in lay language. Afterwards, we can discuss anything the kids don't understand. The link was from the Commoncraft blog's links that the Google Reader picked up. If you haven't seen them yet, Commoncraft has several outstanding videos about RSS in Plain English, Wikis in Plain English, and Social Bookmarking in Plain English. The are short, to the point, and fun.

Next, I learned about Flickr from Jeff Utecht. I heard about his blog, The Thinking Stick, when I was listening to a podcast and decided to check it out. All in all, a great day for learning and preparing for next year.

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