Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wiki Prep

I have my wikis preped for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. I am going to have the sixth grade create a scribe wiki. I know a lot of people are creating scribe posts (example one and two), but I think this will work better for me. Last year, I started the sixth grade off with some questions regarding math, and I'll do that again this year.

The seventh and eighth grade are going to research the ideas of plagiarism, copyright, and creative commons. I am going to pair them up across classes so that we can learn how to collaborate without being in the same room. They already typed in a wiki last year. This year I want to develop the ideas of collaboration and discussions.

Next up, I want to determine how I'm going to include the fifth grade.

Image Citation:
Hitchcock, Jeff. “Stone Scribe.” Arbron's Photostream. 27 Jul 2007. 26 Aug 2007.

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  1. Good luck with your scribe wiki this year. I hope you find it a success.
    I find scribe posts a terrific way to get kids to focus in math. They tend to go overboard and do excellent work when they are the scribe.

    C Harbeck