Thursday, August 9, 2007

Working on All Burners

Today I've spent more time thinking through how I'm going to use the tools that I have generated. I now have a Classblogmeister set up. It works differently from Blogger, but the advantage of having a protected area will make it worthwhile.

Last year, I assigned chapter closure problems. They propose a problem for the student to solve and it requires them to write about how they think through the problem with others and by themselves. It also asks them to solve the problem step by step and describe why they do things the way they do. It finally asks them to tell me what they learned about math, and themselves as mathematicians.

I will give them the class blog to write about the problems. I still have time to decide how they will use it and how it will work with the grade. I am also going to ask them to journal their thoughts on math.

I am now creating a wiki page that I am going to call Math Class at a Glance. It is going to be what the blog was originally intended. Each class, someone will be chosen to write about what was learned in class that day including what the bellwork was, what was taught and practiced, and the homework assignment. I will give students the ability to update the wiki entries for bonus points on tests based on the grade they received.

This is all very much under construction, but I believe it will prove useful.

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