Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I love KidPix for grades K-8. I have used it at every level for so many different creations. You can go right up Bloom's Taxonomy with the program. As I was getting ready for September, it occurred to me that I wished I had access to ideas for KidPix when I got started. So, I decided to create a Wikispace and learned someone had already chosen kidpix.wikispaces.com. I contacted the owner to get access to the space (as was suggested), but haven't heard back yet. In the meanwhile, I've created smsteacher.wikispaces.com/kidpix to keep my own list of projects I tend to do on a annual basis. Eventually, I can link to it from the other wiki. As I teach over the course of the year, I will keep adding my projects. It's very skimpy now, but it will be filled by June. What fun!

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