Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good: My lab has all the computers set up where they belong. I cleaned the surfaces of the tables. I have my bulletin boards 80% set up, the school installed FIOS. I updated some of the machine's software over the Internet on Tuesday and it was really zippy.

The Bad: The Internet was down all day and I have to wait until they come to the school to see why.

The Ugly: My machines couldn't connect to the server on OS X and I don't know why it would be related to the Internet being down, but the OS 9 machines and the eMacs with OS X can connect. Yesterday, a teacher WAS able to connect to the server from her OS X machine, but today she can't. I just want to hope that the Internet being down is the culprit.

I came in with boundless energy for setting up the room and to finish updating the OS but left with a sinking feeling. School starts next week and I thought I was a ready for the year but I may have some serious troubleshooting if the Internet comes up and I still can't attach to the server. If the Internet comes up and I get the server back, do I lose the server every time the Internet's down? Big sigh...

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