Thursday, September 13, 2007

Animoto and VoiceThread Here I Come

In my constant search for new and exciting projects two products keep coming up: Animoto and VoiceThread. I had my son looking over my shoulder as I watched Wes Freyer's post from China. He was absolutely taken by both projects. I am now forming an idea for a project. I'll definitely work with Animoto with the seventh and eighth graders. I think I will have them take photos around the building of all the various grades. We will then produce a multitude of school videos. Afterwards, I will have them vote for the "best of show". We can show the videos at the end of the year, or perhaps a special assembly. I'll have to talk to the principal. I'll have to see how we can arrange to sign up for accounts or if one general school account will do. I have to look into the store limits.

I loved the book review on Wes Freyer's Wiki. It was for Eragon and Eldest. I think that I can work out this type of project for the fifth graders. Again, I have to check on account/ space requirements.

I love my job!

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