Monday, September 10, 2007

Students Day One

Today was day one for specials. I explained the cup system to the first graders. They "got it" right away. We went over the rules of the class. There were four children who were new to the school. They were able to use Kid Pix to draw a picture of themselves with the chalk/crayon/marker/pencil tool, switch colors, use the firecracker, eraser and undo guy. Only one child will need to complete the picture next week. Next week, we'll review Math Blaster so that the child can complete the drawing.

I missed one seventh grade due to Mass. The other seventh grade made it through pretty much everything I set out. I reviewed the rules and showed the CommonCraft "Social Networks in Plain English" video. We spoke a bit about why I am using Firefox this year and the fact that our home page is now They had to navigate to the seventh_grade tags and select the wiki page. From there they took the seventh grade SurveyMonkey survey. Finally, they used the graphic organizer (Who I Am) listed by Dan Meyers on his First Day of School Wiki to prepare for making an avatar on Thursday. It was a busy 42 minutes.

Math class focused on reviewing the different types of charts they will see in the chapter and we created a frequency table on meals the students make at home: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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