Monday, September 24, 2007

The Wiki Continues

I am pretty happy with the progress on the Copyright vs. Creative Commons wiki entries. The seventh and eighth graders have done a brain dump on what they think copyright and plagiarism are. They wrote their thoughts on how what they feel their rights are as far as using images from the Internet on their web pages and classroom only PowerPoints. They also reflected on how they'd feel if someone displayed a Kid Pix or Gimp picture they created on a different web site, how they'd like someone to make money by using their image on a brochure, and how they like to see their image edited on someone else's web site.

In my heart of hearts, I wish they'd write more. Tomorrow they're going to start viewing a video on Teacher Tube: Fair(y) Use Tale. They're also going to read through Copyrights and Wrongs. I'm going to have each class add a link to the group's project. After viewing the movie and reading the web site, they're going to be writing up what they've learned.

Tomorrow's main lesson is how to add a link and how to use the discussion tab. They are eager to learn who their partners are. I told them that next week we'll add the avatar. They can try to guess who their partners are and the second class of the week, I'll let them know the names of the other group members. I think this is heading in a good direction. I still can't wait to see the final result.

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