Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wiki Again

I got the eighth grade to update the wiki. I am doing a collaborative project on plagiarism, copyright, and creative commons. They are each assigned to a group. There are 21 groups. Most have three group members. A few groups had to have two members.

It is always interesting to see how kids answer questions. I gave them some discussion questions to see what they knew in advance about these topics. Over the weekend, I'm going to have to write up a sheet to explain to the seventh graders how to read what the eighth graders wrote, how to respond, and how to add to the work that was started.

Next, I am going to have them read through two web sites I found, from colleges a and b, that attempt to describe plagiarism. There is also one web site on copyrights. My intention is to have them use the discussion tab to tell how far they got, what is confusing, and where they need help. Hopefully, after several editing sessions, they will have a feel for these two terms.

I have a video to watch that introduces the idea of fair use. I'll be interested to see how this all develops. They seem intrigued by working with the other classes through the wiki.

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