Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tired but happy

I just spent the last two hours, give or take, reviewing two classes of wiki updates. The seventh grade especially liked the Fair(y) Use Tale explanation of copyright and fair use. The eighth grade was not as taken with it. For the most part, it seems like the students all took away at least one new idea about copyright and fair use. It's a hard topic for me to wrap my mind around.

They can't wait to see who their partners are from the other classes. Next week, we'll upload the avatars and let them guess, then I'll tell them who their partners are. I'm just too tired to look for photos for the blog these days.

Tomorrow, I'm finally getting the sixth grade going on Classblogmeister. I'm looking forward to getting that project off the ground as well.

The plans of the summer are starting to click! I'll be teaching the fifth graders Classblogmeister sometime this year and I'll save time off of next year's start up. Life is good!

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