Sunday, September 30, 2007


I'm getting an idea for VoiceThread. I found out how to add students to an account. I saw how I can draw on the screen. I think I am going to put a blank white page out on the computers and let the students draw and describe exponents. This way, they can write a blog or wiki entry with exponents and not have to worry about how to get it displayed online. They will also be able to verbally describe the process.

Next week, I only see the sixth grade in computer class once. So this week, I will walk them through creating a blog entry on Classblogmeister. Once they create the entry I will have them watch my VoiceThread and comment on it. Next week, I will have two classes to describe how to access and create a VoiceThread. Once it is created, I will teach them how to attach their VoiceThread to the blog.

I password protected the blog entries for now. I'm going to have them tag the VoiceThreads as smsmoro6 for ease of locating everything. It will also give us an opportunity to discuss threads.

I like the fact that the students don't have to have an email to use the VoiceThread when I set up an account as a classroom.

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