Thursday, September 20, 2007

Avatar Creation

The seventh and eighth grades used The Gimp to create a 300x300 avatar for their wiki. It took one 42 minute class to review the tool and get started. By the end of the second 42 minute period, all the drawings were complete. At this point they are xcf files. I will be opening them and saving them as JPGs this weekend. I think in the long run it will just be easier to do that.

This week, I showed the seventh grade the Wikis in Plain English video and had them sign into Wikispaces just to make sure everyone got in. Afterwards, those who had to finished up the avatar and the rest played Concert Tour Entrepreneur. The eighth grade also saw wikis in Plain English, but they were interrupted by having to help out in the office. In both classes, we talked about what collaboration is. We discussed parents who have to collaborate in their office, outside the state, and outside the country.

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