Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wikis vs. Static Web Pages

I initially was so happy when I learned to create and upload web pages. It gave me better access to present my classes to the parents of the school.

When I learned about wikis last March, I was determined to change those static pages to wikis. I did so over the summer. Today, I'm reaping the benefits of having those pages so edit friendly. It took a short time to update my math class wiki. I do lose out in the ability to control exactly where content is placed. It is a much plainer looking web page, but plain is not really bad. For the last two years, I never go any further than putting up information about Chapter One. Today, I quickly added a note to the students and parents about Chapter Two. It is much friendlier. I don't have to worry about creating and then uploading files. I don't have to worry about conflicts with the ISP's need for me to be on a Windows machine with a particular browser. I'm quite happy!

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