Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Kid Day

I spent most of the day with my smaller students today. I really love working with Kindergarten. They can be very needy at the start, but they have a real excitement for the little things. I showed two classes how to use the stamper, and change its size, and draw with the pencil tool on top of the stamp, and they were just so excited. They made some cute drawings, too. A few of the kids entertained themselves by comparing the printout to the screen. It fascinated a couple of them that the drawing was the same as the one on the screen. After teaching six years, I hadn't really heard a Kindergartener notice or comment on that before.

My third graders were busy adding stickers to an ABC chart. They've almost all mastered adding and removing stickers, flattening them, and saving every three stamps. It's a good skill since Kid Pix tends to close for no apparent reason on my iMacs. They are older (three-five years) and were upgraded from OS 9 to OS X, so maybe that has something to do with it. At least this year, I can feel confident in reminding them to File - Save As often.

The second graders are also almost done with their ABC stamper chart. So, next week we can finally begin a new project. They seem to enjoy the size of the project and coming to its completion. They love to see the printout.

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