Thursday, September 13, 2007

Red Cup/ Green Cup

One more day to go until the end of my first week with students. So far I am happy with the new cup system. I taught the first to eighth graders about it. The funny thing is that some ninth graders visited since they had off for school and they thought the cup idea was great.

Now I have to teach the kids not to wave the cup in the air. I hadn't thought about that.

A few eighth graders created some really nice avatars for our wiki. The avatars will be uploaded, perhaps, next week. They'll also use them for their blog. I didn't see too much work out of the seventh graders. They have less experience in using The Gimp.

The third graders were really happy with the Kid Pix sticker project. The second graders are doing well with a very similar project using stampers.

The fifth graders got a review of how to access the file server. I started with learning how to open a file that is already saved at that location. I just had a blank document called computer_prayer. They wrote a really short, three sentence paragraph about their favorite prayer, why they like it, and who taught them the prayer. We reviewed spacing between words and after punctuation. We also reviewed why there might be red and green squiggles.

In math class, we worked together to draw a bar graph. Tomorrow, they will draw a bar graph of their own for homework. We will also learn/review range, mode, and median. I'm almost ready to start using Accelerated Math.

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